what yu mean no independence monday holiday NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

a wah Government a Jamaica really feel like?

yu know seh

me jus

Jesus wept

me feel like me need fi sing a song unto di Lord fi intervene pon my behalf

what is this?

and yu know seh a because everybody a plan beach trip fi da day deh

di government fi stop read people BB and facebook and twitter and e-mail message enuh

cus a so dem find out say everybody a mek plan fi dem independence monday enuh

everybody say dem nah do nuttn dis weekend because a ATI and Dream weekend a gwaan

and dem fren nah go available

and dem put dem pot pon fire fi next weekend when dem fren free up

due to how dem have di TWO long weekend back to back dem ready fi palance down di place

and now dis

its like a slap in the face to all that is right

is this what our ancestors fought for?


a dis dem let we out from slavery fah?

a dis we stop fly union jack fah?

one holiday

ONE HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


might as well me just give up


me nuh impressed

yu hear me




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