dear gentlemen

You were looking for a way to run road red
And have plenty gyal
And buss it widout boots
And nuh get nuh unplanned yutes
I might have summn for you…

Yes yes
By di time it done mash up di sperm and bruck off di likkle tail so dem cyaan swim
Yu coulda deposit dem directly inna di ooman womb wid crazy glue and she still wuddn ketch
I’m not tryna bring ou down
I’m just sayin
You were warned

I find that as my search for a baby daddy begins I’ll have to readjust the criteria as it regards smoking

I don’t like the idea of kissing an ashtray, though it seems I’ll make concessions for frenching weed stalks
But wah me mus do wid sperm weh cyaan swim?
And mash up?
No no
As we prepare fi bring forth the net generation of awesomeness we need smaddy wid di pretty skin daughter inna dem back
A whole daughter
Nuh piece a one

But….if yu waan go a road and deal wid it wicked, seeit deh. Internal birth control

Run it!


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