and now…the skittles commercial they SHOULDA released

fus ting,

this is not an actual skittles commercial so please doesn’t write dem no strongly worded letter about the yutes of the national and how di ad a go rotten dem brain like how di skittles a rotten dem teeth?

nex ting… honest, if dem did run dis during superbowl or world cup yu nuh feel say di big tough back man dem woulda run out go buy skittles fi dem ooman? gas station and pharmacy woulda lock dung.


nex nex ting….according to what porn had taught us <–me mek sure mek dat clear so nuhbody nuh insinuate nuttn bout me lifestyle…..the..ahm…splash pattern of the skittles, nuh very realistic and true to life?

nex ting again….a me one see di man animal print draws? me nuh know bout you enuh but if me and you inna di honeymoon suite and yu peel off clothes and me see any hint a jungle or kennel inna yu underwears (yes, kennel, dalmation is coming in style) a pack me a pack up and leff. we nuh have no pride rock roun here, rafiki nah come fi sing asante sana squash banana and no gazelle nah graze. so please, don’t carry di wildlife wid yu

and final ting….a me one find say di bride nuh look like she new to it? dis ooman is a seasoned professional. you likkle nerd man, mek a wise choice, caw she may look like a WASP but she are certainly a old jezzebel! and we like dat in a woman. walk a road wid dem and dem fava barbie and inna di bedroom straight wretchinella. run tell dat homeboi!


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