dear captcha creators

Me undastan say yu waan me prove say me Is a human and not a computer so me nuh spam down di place
This is where I add that these so called security features have no stopped various viruses spreading like mono at a co-ed college
How many people get di osama bin laden video?
Or the one weh a offer yu free ipad
Or di new chat settings <—thats not a virus but it sick me!

so me undastan why yu have these
But yu nuh tink some a dem ridiculous?
Not even me wid my human yeye can read it
Wah it mek fah
Harry potter himself?
Me nuh certain
Caw tell me if da last part deh nuh look like when people drunk and vomit and it dry
Or when pickney a learn fi use dem hand fi draw word
or illuminati code <–yes i went there, a wah?

Or nicki minaj waterfall weave inna di right thru me video
Me know it suppose to challenging
But the etching and outlining and visual echoing is enough
Yu never haffi write it inna smoke pon a day wid a strong breeze
Yu never haffi dweet
Me dis click to di nex one and move on wid me day
All fi share tony mattehorn pon facebook


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