the other side of the London riots

British-West Indian journalist and political activist Darcus Howe being interviewed by the BBC on the topic of the London riots. The poor BBC presenter is clearly not trained ni handling militant west indians (perhaps west indians in general. cus this man is a Trini, who we know are nowhere near as …outspoken? as Jamaicans. suppose is a yardie she did buck up?

neither  can she  handle differing opinions without sounding like an automaton.

it was all only mildly awkward until she accused him of being intimately familiar with riots at which point he set her straight by essentially telling her to ‘have manners gyal and step off!’ poor thing she never know wah fi do but end the interview

as far as i’m concerned…there’s never an excuse for destroying public property and risking human life, but governments will have to realise that you can’t keep cutting funding to education,  youth programmes,  social programmes and all the other things that are supposed to keep people occupied, off the streets and generally make them into better humans without them going apeshit bananas on you. they’re at a loose end! hello! wah dem mus do wid demself? are you engaging them in any way? yu have dem a do anyting weh supposed to teach dem mediation skills? or give dem mind anyting fi tink bout odda dan how yu nah do nuttn fi dem

invest in the people of the country

invest in the young people of the country

or else suffer the consequences



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