why when me party it nuh look so? wallpaper – stupidfaceded



me nah go say me a party from me eye deh a me knee caw me modda come from country and yu only get di free up after 16 <–but me nuh mind caw some a dem weh did hot inna high school and a party out dem tripe look like old encava bus now and me still fresh and a bloom so big up me modda


me go nuff party

and me never go nuttn look so

and me a wonder if a caw me black

a me one see di giraffe and gorilla dem weh a run up and down and a do shots?

wah bout di 40 pound a gold chain

and di man lie down inna di bed wid di fire?

why when me deh a party wid me fren dem me nuh open door and see glitter a fly and streamers and silly string


and people jus inna every corner a dance like God a come tomorrow


and why di likkle white girls in these videos always have on strapless bras

even when dem a wear t shirt

is because dem nuh have no titty?

and why girl wid titty cyaan back off shirt?

how we never have pillow fight an mash up di place <–probly was we modda woulda buss we ass fi mash up har sittn dem

why people tattoo never start move and face morph

a caw we nuh go hogwarts?

and why me never wake up pon one couch inna di miggle a di road after me go out one night

jus wake up pon di white line


me nuh know bout unnu

but jamaican nah party proper

we leave much to be desired

trus me!

white boy wasted me ting deh



bad mind aside

here are some salient points he raised


1)sleep is the best way to save money

2) money is the best way to get sex

3) sex is the best way to feel nothing

4)nothing happens if you’re asleep

so stay up til ya wake up


yeaaaaahh !!


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