mister Marcus speaks – Garvey birthday live up!

in case yu never know…a Marcus Garvey birthday

The Right Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey to be exact, our first National Hero

quite possibly the first human example of Jamaicans’ foreign minded-ness, he was ridiculed at home, went abroad and made a name for himself and then became a local hero

seems we always need the outside to validate our own greatness before we will believe it

please see Bob Marley and Sean Paul for more recent examples

Be that as it may, his vision of Africans with African pride

self aware black people creating for themselves

a self sufficient race

a race that knows its own power and is working actively to make it more than potential, but a real thing they’re living, stays with us

and i suspect in every small rebellion, in every person that lashes out in some way against some injustice small or large, being visited upon them by someone, who with no authority, decided they were superior, Mr, Marcus speaks

look for me in the whirwind….i will be coming back. with the army of those you wronged before and continue to wrong now, and then there will be a reckoning.

“i unequivocally rejected the racist assumption, of much white american christianity, namely that God had created the black man inferior and that he had intended negroes to be a servant class- hewers of wood and drawers of water

Happy Birthday Sir.


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