that awkward moment (tab fail)

When you realise you’ve had the most epic tab fail
And have in fact typed your password into the username slot for everyone to see
And you have to deal with
A) the fact that people may have seen it…yes that’s you casting surreptitious glances at the four walls because them a try copy yu password fi fass inna yu business

B)the fact that if they have seen it….now they know that u use
-sex organ references
-the ex you claimed you were over’s name
-the friend you claim you had no interest in’s name
-their name <—oooohhh chile
-the number 69
-your secret career/fetish
In your password. And now there shall be judgment of tv court proportions

C)if they have seen it, and memorised it…now you'll have to change it…but what about the other accounts
You use the same password on all of them
What if they get in before you can change them
And you don't want to be the paranoid freak who's sitting there changing out all 7 e-mail/social networking passwords
And if is yu fren….shouldn't you trust them
But yu know dem faas and have photographic memory….

And how dem suddenly jus down inna dem phone so
Wah dem really a do?
*horror movie music*

Or maybe that's just me
That's why me keep all a di password dem different caw me cyaan tek di panic
My inbox and summn dem need fi be addressed by MPM.
Me know why me a freak out
So me always mek sure me tab carefully
And have me finger pon di red button di mek all a di accounts self destruct
A nuh charlie one have tricks.

Good morning angels
The gig is up!


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