saviour divine i cannot bear it out- vybz kartel teacher’s pet promo…why me?

did this girl just say she woulda enter but she liked him when he was black?

she nuh fraid him dash bleach after har and bring har over to di ‘dark’ side <–see what i did there?

now please explain to me why

1) dem girl here tek up dem vagina a offer gaza crypt keeper

2) so much a dem soun like dem come from farrin (we too smart or too timid fi enter? or dem never mek we eligible caw dem fraid shawty stab up di competitors <–kartel still deh wid shawty? and if so…me know him married and breed nex ooman while dem deh…but it right fi him openly a hold audition fi a new one while she still inna di common law wife position. shawty….a you a me ‘ i never wanna be this’ idol)

3) all a dem look like dem work down a ray-ray’s drop it like its hot gentlemans club <–me know say at least one set a titty tassels inna da house deh. no questions. lone twurkin a come

4) da girl deh a ride one bicycle/tricycle… a she seh Saw?

5) da girl ya a talk inna di jafaican accent bout she pass har pregnancy test. dat mean say yu nah breed? or yu a breed? or yu can breed? what scale is being used here

6) why di girl a talk inna eartha kitt voice and a hold up di apple? a she seh eve. a she seh tree of knowledge. a she seh dem kick we outta di garden but dem cyaan kick we outta di a/c house? a wah. tru dem say him fava satan big son she a try match wid him?

7)why dis girl just say pick ‘killah’ fi be teachers pet. a she seh gun inna baggy. she one have it.

jesas saviour pilot me

i have removed my hand and jumped out of the car, the wheel is there if you please

me jus waan go pon da set yah and seh shut it down! di blood di blood!

God are you not God sir?

why yu mek dis gwaan God

shut it doooowwwnnn!!!!!

worse like how kartel white now

lawd i leave it in thy hands

and the hands of durex too

please let us not get any baby addi’s out of this


4 Replies to “saviour divine i cannot bear it out- vybz kartel teacher’s pet promo…why me?”

  1. I was wondering about the apple myself… Is that supposed to be sexy?!?! What is she, snow white step mother out fi kill di teacha?!?

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