dear animal that is decomposing at my gate


we cuddn do dis quietly? yu dead all di way down a road. why me haffi a smell yu up a me desk

yu too hype man

a so unnu nowadays animal gwaan. bear pageantry. me nuh have time fi dat

due to how me live a ‘country’ and is only a close personal relationship wid yu garbage man a go get yu any kinda way ahead in life

me know say a me haffi go down deh go cremate yu

is this right?

yu cuddn dead likkle further up? like in line wid me neighbour? although me know him woulda walk past yu fi one week and nuh even blink

but why me

now me haffi go find kerosene and matches and stand far and flash me hand like real gyal

throw di kerosene by accident into the wind and mek it blow back pon me

fraid fi light di matches caw me tink it a go ketch me pon fire

stay far and fling di matches and waste bout 5 matches doing it

and den feel bad and run weh like say a me did kill yu when yu ketch fire

yu tink it right?


and yu know me a go uppa me room go cry fi yu wasted life when all is said and done

me tink it is very unkind of you

and den me modda a go tell me how me shoulda tun vet since me like animal so much

and mek me feel bad bout me life choices

and now sake-a your death and my unwillingness to fall in line and enter the medical field me a go depressed fi days

if yu did just rotten silently me wouldn’t even know yu de yah and coulda avoid all dis heartache and pain

nex time yu a go dead

please consider other people feelings in the matter


*breaks down in tears*

but me wish yu never haffi dead


why yu nuh learn fi cross road

*swear vengeance ‘gainst di taxi man weh lick yu*





2 Replies to “dear animal that is decomposing at my gate”

  1. Dig hole…jump in….cova up……*DEAD*

    MI BADDY!!!!!

    Oh Carla…I feel yuh pain…I been there and done that.

    But yuh figet the part about how him nah go bun properly and the odda dawg dem aggo tek what lef and drag it all ova di neighborhood.

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