dear canadians…shorts and scarf?

please explain to me why me a walk cross di campus and a see 5 million people inna batty rider shorts and scarf wrap up roun neck

a wah

batty mek outta self heating material?

batty cyaan cowl too?

and even if batty immortal and have a whole set a rule to itself…

whaapen to knee?

knee nuh feel nuh way?

me confused

what exact temperature allows for this costume

summn wid a high wind from the south east that only hits you in the face area?

whaapen to short people

whaapen to tall people?

da same breeze deh blow pon dem?

me confused enuh

and a nuh di fashion scarf dem have on enuh. a di proppa proppa wrap up six time roun di neck look like it mek outta an actual lamb, nuh jus di wool scarf

like….utilitarian scarf dem a deal wid. sometimes all two a dem

but yet.

di shorts stop right beneath dem hopes and aspirations

and lekka tell yu summn, yu see a farrin…shorts is di right, nay responsibility of all people


dis yah summn weh we have bout how knock knee and fassy fassy foot nuh fi go inna shorts


black and blue, chip up chip up, batty jaw deh dung a knee, knee dem a rub like hand weh cowl

all a dem a moggle a street inna two inch a cloth

ketch up jamaica

nuh mek dem tell yu nuttn

shorts to di people dem ting!

jus put on a belt and put on a sweater and a scarf and run een

*disclaimer—if me see anybody weh me know a walk inna shorts and scarf, me a disown yu and den publicly ridicule yu

den me a donate yu to science caw yu a clearly frankenstein, a two people live inna yu



i don’t want to

but i will

*bbbbrr* it’s so cold! but my feet are toasty warm *stupid smile*



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