ladies and gentlemen boys and girls- lloyd…and more foolishness aka dedication to my ex

*deep sigh of regret that this song even exists*

apparently lloyd went away…perhaps to get more grampa house slipper style shoes <–hands up if you can tell he’s rippin off sammy davis?

and the woman gave away all his loving, which as the song goes on we come to realise is ‘his’ pussy

his pussy enuh

that lives on her body

that she was born with

that she tends to

and have period in conjunction wid

and haffi live wid cramps and back pain


his pussy that she’s just housing on her person

she gave it away

so now he’s upset and has to make a song about it

because the pussy done changed and he can tell another bee’s been in his honey

due to how di givin weh a di ting offend him, man from different race and musical genre haffi be enlisted fi talk bout it

because we must all unite against di common enemy…pussy-sharers

*me nah go gi’it weh never, never gi’t weh*

yes. down with the sharers of di world

all when yu a sell fish yu haffi selfish

so now him call down crowd fi discuss di issue

him a imply seh di girl stretch out <–yes how she used to grip him and squeeze him tight now di ting change

and me nuh know if a di sharer or who a walk up and down inna black leather punny printer and a mek thunder cat sign i guess fi imply seh she a di pussy weh change….

anyways…enough about me

lets listen to lloyd talk about his pussy and how hurt he is that the woman shared it

my view is, yu want vagina fi have control over…there’s surgery for that


and maybe if yu did a do di freaky tings weh yu a  do inna car back wid dis odda girl wid yu ooman she wouldn’t haffi a share


all inna farrin dem come fi rile me


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