spice – hot patty wine aka tribal tracing match

smaddy caan condemn spice?

like smaddy cyaan condemn har so she can stop mek song and video?

me sick a har enuh

now mek me tell u summn

when yu a  do research dem say yu mus confess u bias

me bias

because me love spice

and yu see now when spice a go tell me bout hot patty wine

how me nuh fi love har?

due to how spice jus roun up a set a dark skin african fi tek on a set a di brown one dem and mek sure seh a fi har team dun dem money

weh me fi do?

awrite, fi be fair, di brown one dem did maybe win officially…caw dem nuh move like smaddy weh have bone

but a me one hear when spice seh she a di best winer inan di country?

she nah lissen no kinda chat from nuhbody

a nuh competition

a nuh democracy

a dictatorship

she a castro inna di winin land

she decree it…it go sio


me cuddn go widout mention dis

how all a dem african yah have long straight hair so?

one a dem have locks and everybody else have some tall riva mumma hair

because while we are willing fi paint  up we face and all these other things in the name of authenticity

nuhbaddy nuh willing fi mek ppl see dem natural hair

or hire natural hair girl fi di likkle dancing work

*side eye pon di oppression a di black man*

and di part wid di big orange summn a har head side

a couture african dat?

me nah seh nuttn

me woulda wear everyting weh dem have on

but…what exactly a di hot patty wine?

me still nuh clear

all kinda wine a gwaan

a di one weh u lick u hand miggle and wiggle u batty

why u ben ova

di patty a drop?

me nuh certain


a spice

she can get weh wid it

when it come on me will beat me hand like when people a cuss and a emphasise dem point and mek it gallang

*bends over*

*has wardrobe malfunction*

*accidentally exposed nipple*

*stands up straight and goes to the bar*

*washes away the shame*


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