how to control men with cookies aka j-lo -papi

ahm. so
j lo nyam one cookie
now every man want har
and apparently when yu too popular love really is a battle field
caw cyar a crash
man a violence dem one anodda
and fire hydrant a mash up
den all of a sudden she tun inna sabrina di teenage witch and start control man har hand
*cue gratuitous dance scene*
and all manner a flip and dese tings
me like how she do it wonder woman style and jus gently tek off di womb shifter shoes dem fi some likkle salsa heels when nuhbaddy nah watch

me waan dance and gallang bad
but me nuh have man
me nuh have diamond
me nuh have people inna di armed services fi come save me if man tek me weh
me nuh even have cookie
and me nuh have rhythm fi dance fi me papi
da song yah a discriminate gainst me enuh
it a oppress me
but me like it still
wait til di man dem start gwaan like orangutang and say hey hey hey!!
dog and puss dem a gi har
gwaan yah
long time me tell u say yu too wanga gut j-lo
and a dis it get yu
di ooman say a small piece a cookie
yu nyam half inna one bite

a your fault
me one feel say she a use da video yah fi audition fi har nex role?
caw lone actin a gwaan
yes chile yu career wel resurrect
dance fi yu papi



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