so…di furnace weh bruck now

so now

due to how di furnace bruck down, and a all three weeks before it can fix

since it is now di end of september, three weeks will put us into nearly november, which is practically december

and since we in a country where dem often skip fall and go straight to winter

clearly dis is an issue

furnace cyaan jus buy


man haffi do energy assessment

weh him look pon window, lightbulb, water consumption, all deset tings

terrazo versus ceramic tile

all dese tings

while me siddung yah a freeze


me see di man weh collect me rent, come up yah  genkle wid one space heater inna him hand


di place have three people

three bedroom

one living room

bathrooms and etc

but di man have ONE space heater inna him hand

one degge degge one

so now

when di confusion clearly show pon me face

me see him a brush off di dust (for i suspect dis space heater used to belong to him auntie weh move gone a america and it  used to live inna him basement and a loan him a loan)

den di man go mek me know say, not only space heater short, but di house nuh wire fi accommodate more dan one

and me live inna bloodclaat third world??!!


i put it to yu

who live inna third world?

all when we a throw up line

we can run all five fan and a/c offa dat


all when di light a tief we sleep inna air conditioned comfort

and inna big big canada

weh yu haffi pay yu rent in advance wid post dated cheque

due to how di man have 10 cheque inna him hand fimme right now

inna big big canada

him have three bedroom house weh can only run one space heater?


next time dem call me third world i spit inna dem face


and go tun on me a/c weh me bridge light and a run and cool off


suppose u see me inna socks and sweater and scarf inna di house

and furthermore him a go tell me me  mus turn on di oven and leff it open if me waan heat di house

so di whole house can smell like old roast chicken from tenants past?

*slow blink*



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