so…ahm. da song yah….iggy azalea pu$$y

since lil wayne jus keep on a talk bout dem tings
di ooman dem decide seh dema  go talk bout it demself
caw yu know seh him have vagina inna every works cited
every song him write haffi reference pum pum

see it deh
tek it back yah
talk bout yu tings

dem sick fi hear him talk bout dem parts

come een like him have shares and franchise

how di cat feel bout dis?
how di poor cat feel bout dis

he thought he was gonna be a LOL cat and he ended up being a PU$$y cat <–see what i did there

him never expect it

he thought he could haz cheezeburger

but no

and is she modeling camel toe

is what

is like gwen stefani have a ghetto likkle sister

what is happening here

and what about miss mabel
how miss mabel feel fi end up yaso?


whose grandmother did she rent

who nuh know weh mama deh

she inna video a talk bout pu$$y

and foofa likkle pickney dis


who thought this would be an appropriate place for a child?

and why is she sitting on the front porch under one a di hundred dollar umbrella dem weh sell a half way tree when rain start fall

and a eat di corner store fudge dem

everything for this video was purchased down the road from her house


like at the dime store

including the tube top

and maybe the child

me nuh sure

me just so uncertain

she is like a sexy banana weh yu start peel

me jesus

i cyannat bear it out no longer

you shall  have to bear it out alone

i am gone


good luck getting the word pu$$y to stop playing on your mind

is like sex according to ke$ha

and this a di ghetto-est video me see in a while, and me kinda glad a one white girl dweet. amen


2 Replies to “so…ahm. da song yah….iggy azalea pu$$y”

  1. heaven help mi, kill you just kill me awhile ago. I also wonder if granny knew what she was apart of. btw *dead* at everything was bought down the road…including the child

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