dear Jamaicans, today’s reason for not having work is called heroes day

just in case you may have forgotten

i realise that as the years go by and as digicel, appleton, and smirnoff acquire branding rights to more and more public holdiays (digicel presents CHRISTMAS! -now in 3D!) the holidays themselves seem to be losing their meaning

now, don’t get me wrong, every independence me used to deh dung a negril pon me eyelash (until i got tired of tripping over the drunk 14 year olds and marveling at the wonder that is bumper to bumper traffic for seven solid miles)

but at least i had the common decency to give thanks for the people who fought in the past so i could fight my way to the bar with a bottomless mug that may or may not be mine because i dropped mine while dancing and just picked one up off the floor….alcohol cures all germs right? of course.

*back to the rant*

from mawnin, all me a see is status after status bout how people bed nice, how dem a go mash up whichever part a jamaica today, thank God work cancel, blah blah blah

and not once have i seen mention of nanny, busta, garvey or any of the heroes for that matter

come on people

come on

me know say di goat buy and ready fi kill

and di white rum siddung a wait

and who a tun ova old crate and zinc sheet done have dem puddung a wait fi di first alton ellis fi drop

brazilian wax sawt out

iphone and blackberry charge

board shorts and boat shoes ready <–fashion ova style, white bwoy swag a wear

but try nuh. just try memba

the country is too young for us to have forgotten all the struggles already.

so, me a put a likkle link, me know yu used to cut out hero face and paste it pon styrofoam plate and hang it up inna classroom inna prep and primary school…but you would be shocked how many things yu figget bout dem and lookin back how amazing they were (aside from catchin bullet wid batty, caw me know a dat yu a tink)


and for the musical minded, see a likkle summn here fi start yu off

(yes a di old school song. me nuh know why when national holiday come di radio dial stuck pon 1970 but so me get it so me sell it, me nuh add nuh tax)

awrite, me have summn weh just buss. run een! (it soun retro but sue me)

ps…vegas….igloo keep a sugarman’s, nuh hellshire. be specific


riddim up

big up jamaica and all di national heroes and everyday heroes. big up me modda. she a my personal hero!

awrite gwan a beach now. lololol

happy heroes day everybody



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