a small side note on hand sanitizer

As of about…maybe five years ago, dry-washin never postpone
Hand sanitizer jus run right een pon everyting and it come een like water nah wear agen because everybody have one likkle bokkle inna dem bag or pon dem desk or side-a dem bed <—what yu sanitizin in preparation for at 1am?
Go wash yu damn hand!

And farrin worse wid it
Sanitization station every where <—apparently farrin chock full a germs so me haffi go stop eat di moldy cheese and actual believe say salmonella is real. Sigh, I miss me yard

Back to di hand sanitizer now
Due to how me is a student, of course my livin situation is not top of di line.
If my house was an umbrella it woulda tek yu through maybe two storm before di likkle wire dem pon di inside start mash up and it tun inside out everytime breeze blow.
The floor dem nuh level
Di heat nuh work
And most importantly to dis story di toilet and bath/basin are separate
Now, I know what you’re thinkin
Me know say di new farrin style a fi put di toilet inna private room so di rest a di bathroom nuh haffi condemn caw smaddy go eat one head a boil cabbage
But due to how da house yah old and never build so, di toilet actually live inna one likkle closet lookin hitch up place weh yu cyaan even spin roun and when yu siddung yu knee a touch di door.
Not to mention say di room door nuh go all di way to di top and it opens directly in to di hallway

Anyways! See how me get distract?
So, of course now yu haffi use toilet, open door, open next door, and go inna bathroom proper fi wash hand
So hand sanitizer get put inna di toilet closet fi convenience

Di sanitizer build up one bag a mekkeh mekkeh inna di spout and start spray all bout when yu pump it and one a di time dem it spray and ketch di wall.
Lo and behold me go in deh di nex day and tru me fancy miself a scientist and me nuh trust nutth weh babylon mek, me mek sure look pon di spot
and what do I spy wid my likkle eye?
Di spot bleach out


Now, me nah bodda belabor di point but me jus waan know if anybody else see di problem?
Di summn weh dem gi we fi rub up pon we skin like lotion and baby oil
Jus remove di colour outta wall paint


Me is not a person who is custom to wash my hand inna raw cloro-do
So p’raps that is why dis a bodda me so much
Summn nuh wrong deso?
If summn can strip wall it nuh mus do some type a long term damage to yu skin?
Me know say me custom fi do house work and di hand dem nuh soft like one time but still
A nuh claw me have
Me nuh have exoskeleton
A skin me a work wid enuh

Yu know who nah use dat again
As of now who ever inna di big bathroom haffi go leff di door crack me me and missa caustic soda nah tek tea
After all
After me nuh teacha’s pet
Me nuh tek chemical bath and brownin inna bokkle skin peel

And dem say farrin good
Not a good!


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