soap + water = clean. really?

Mek we talk bout dis now
Why people inna canada need a sign like dis?
Why any people woulda need a sign like dis period?
From basic school/kindergarten/yu yard
Dem nuh teach yu seh yu fi wash yu hand after yu go toilet?
Dem never used to mek yu put yu hand up pon di basin and dem stan up backa yu and ketch di water and throw it pon yu hand?
And gi yu di soap fi spin roun inna yu hand and show yu how fi rub yu hand toedda fi mek it sud up?
And den shuttle over more water fi yu rinse?
Til yu tall enough fi reach?
Or dem puddung stool fi yu stan up pon? yu modda or fada or granny or uncle or any adult inna di vicinity never used to mek sure ask yu if yu wash yu hand when yu come outta di bathroom?
As a matter of fact even di pickney dem used to ask yu for if yu nuh wash yu hand dem a go call yu do-do boy (regardless a wah yu go inna bathroom go do) and nuh play wid yu til di hand wash.
So mek me ask yu now
A wah
People get big and figget all a dem summn deh?
Or canada mumma nuh teach yu dem summn deh?
Or first world advance past di point a germs so yu nuh feel yu need dem summn deh
(Nah bodda mention say dem deh a lead inna salmonella race and dem still have bed bug weh we get rid a from when)
Why all inna me house me have sticker pon glass a tell people how fi wash hand?
What I am askin is
What level of nastiniss (and potential dunceness) do people have to reach before it becomes necessary to make hand washing instructions mandatory in the bathroom. But more importantly that you have to break it all the way down to soap + water = clean.

How we reach here?
Yu nuh see mankind is on di verge of physical and intellectual extinction
And yu know what’s worse
Me know why dem need di sign
Caw me inna di bathroom aready and me see some ‘real hot girl’ use di bathroom, come a di basin. Fix hair and reapply make-up and all now hand nuh wash
Waapen to yu hand?
Waapen to yu hand weh dutty?!!!!
Nastiniss man!
Me nuh know enuh
Me mussi mek outta summn else
Fi me mumma mussi did strict
But one has to wash ones hand even if one did not take a shit <–yeh that's a bathroom rhyme. Hope you enjoyed that

PS me nuh know why me inna di picture a look so militant. Me mussi did well upset bout di ting.

And yes me wash me hand before me tek di pic.

2 Replies to “soap + water = clean. really?”

  1. Mi nuh think yuh woulda memba mi, but mi just want fi tell yuh seh mi enjoy reading yuh blogs (from mi deh a Jamaica). Since mi deh here at York univ fi dis year, is like mi can identify with everyting weh yuh seh bout Canada – from di girl dem inna dem short shorts and scarf, to the 4:30pm midnight, to the nastiniss…..

    1. me memba yu! watchya!
      tank yu fi di reading sar
      mek yu come a da place yah man
      what a summn strange? ask me why night come all 3 o clock if it fancy? dem need rules and regulations inna dis place man
      and now me a hear bout ice rain
      …ice can rain?
      ice nuh solid
      rain nuh liquid
      how it ago go?

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