david starkey (i’m late to the party) the whites have become black. *gasp*

you know what was the most violent city in Europe/UK/North America in 2008?



A white city, but a city that -like Kingston or Port Au Prince or any of the other places you may have thought first- is in a former colony

the issue is not colour, it is a history of colonisation and exploitation that leads to violence.

Since black people were among the most and most noticeably exploited, however, the ‘negative’ behaviours that are the aftermath of the colonial project become characteristics of that group.

The discussion of how they came to behave this way ends.

The discussion of who else behaves this way (ie non black citizens of former colonies) ends.

And now it becomes a black problem, but more importantly, as this behaviour spreads across generations- with no discussion to back it up- it becomes ‘natural’ for black people to act that way. And if you look at it from the right angle, probably proves why they should have been enslaved in the first place

Suddenly it is not- well look what we did to people, its look at what those people are doing. Shame on them.

Oppression and hopelessness in a people, will affect them in the same way, regardless of colour, ethnicity, place of origin.

If di system fuck up, people a go fight it.

Now look at this man…

now, you know I am always late to the party on these things

but the London riots pass and gone, now me have my two cents

This man just said the problem that lead to the riots was black culture.

the whites have become black <–becomes black you know. so now we are not holding white people accountable for ‘troublesome’ behaviour we are just turning them black and moving on

“a destructive nihilistic gangster culture…this jamaican patois that has intruded in England” <– a we enuh. caw we go deh go tell dem bout patty and jerk chicken dem a riot inna di streets

Then its not about skin colour now, its about culture. Blackness has become a thing you can catch and which makes you act out of sorts. Me woulda like ketch some whiteness.

Now, this man has not addressed the fact that funding for social programmes, education, youth clubs has been consistently cut by the government since the 1980’s. The fact that type of rioting has occurred in the UK before and in France a few years ago.

its not that

its the proliferation of black people’s culture <–because all the different groups of people of african descent in the UK form one homogenous whole. Jamaican, guyanese, Trini, Haitian, Lucian, Black American and ever African nation. All of we is one black people. All di same.

then look where the man now start to talk like a british person and blame it on black language….black language? a we mek cockney?

i can’t.

i apologise. If you have seen this before. please skip it. If you haven’t it bears watching

blackness = crime

no context. no acknowledgement of what has been and is done to oppress black people. injustices in the legal systems. ensnaring them in poverty traps. nothing


sick me stomach

me glad di people dem tek him on.



3 Replies to “david starkey (i’m late to the party) the whites have become black. *gasp*”

  1. It’s a common problem world wide, no one wants to tackle the real and complex issues so they focus on things they don’t like or understand. Unfortunately black people have been on the receiving end of this for so long we automatically become the default issue, if no black people are present move on the the next longest running scapegoat, anything but the real issue

    1. yup
      because what we are essentially asking people to do is gos back and tackle colonialism
      and with the guilt or frustration that comes up they just sweep it under the rug
      you can’t keep looking at black cultures without context
      we weren’t born this way
      we;’re trapped in a self perpetuating system that makes us this way
      and as the generations go it becomes easier to forget the start point of these systems

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