what you don’t see

i’m glad i found this today

since i’ve been spending too much time in my mind and convincing myself i’m so bright

oh yes i’m a big thinker and philosophizer now since me gone a farrin school

(not really, me a still di same eediat. spell check da post yah fi proof… but anyways)

so much of what we know is dictated by what the media chooses to show us

we never stop to think that everytime a camera is focused on one subject

it necessarily ignores others

there is some politricks ting going on here

and we need to be aware

i don’t have friends in all the countries i hear about on the news

i can’t call them and ask the if it’s the truth.

and if they start monitoring social networking like Kamla did with the recent Trinidad curfew- there is often no way for the people there to get their messages out

the most i can do is be aware that there are probably some lies somewhere

Katrina was all about New Orleans, but what about everybody else?

I never stopped to think about Mississipi

and the media never told me

Mississippi isn’t as popular as n’awlins. MTV never put a Real World there. its not any kind of cultural strong hold in the sense that we’ve become accustomed to. are the people there not important?

Are they done recovering


Japan recover from the earthquake?

Tivoli recover from the invasion

Once the news cameras leave so often do the people and places they bring to us slip from memory

when they go in, so often do we not think about what they do not show

i’m trying to keep my mind open

and think about what i do not see

Here’s summn from David Banner about not seeing mississippi


2 Replies to “what you don’t see”

    1. they do know and they do give it to us
      i’ve been hearing/planning to read some interesting stuff on what people actually want versus what they think they want
      i hear there’s a book that argues there’s no reason for sex to sell…ppl aren’t actually drawn to products because of sexualised advertising
      now when they take that down i’m not sure what we’ll be left with
      but we shall certainly see!

      thanks for reading

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