so….about the 4:30 pitch black ting

what is wrong wid dis picture

tek a few minutes. look good. tell me… wah wrong?

no is not a trick

its not like one of the windows is shaped differently

is not like common entrance weh dem gi yu di picture a di three bicycle and di one unicycle and yu mus say which one nuh fit een (by di way me nuh stop star up mental ability…me love di one wid di 3 rectangle and di one square)

something terrible is wrong wid dis picture

cyaan figure out?

this picture was taken at 5:30…pm <–pm me seh enuh. nuh like when mornin just out fi bruk. a evelin dis

and when it was taken, the place had already looked like this for almost an hour

one howa

…a me one confuse?

a cuddn me one confuse

me know a nuh me one

look here

sun cannot set at 4:30

the sun can begin to set at 4:30…but if it do dat it must make a slow graceful descent towards the horizon

much like a curtsy

not dis friggin shankle dip of darkness weh it jus braps and gone so


me mus see colours a change

and me mus can walk go a supermarket shop and come back and sun still nuh done set

sun mus go a hope hardens go look pon di likkle sign weh tell yu when di gardens close and from dat it mus surmise when is an appropriate time to set and den it mus follow rule

sun cannot be lawless

sun mus be rass law abiding citizen

yes, sun mus.

so me waan know now

when 5 o’clock a dark a night now…

wah yu wear go a road?


what do you put on in di mornin?

caw my day clothes and night clothes a two diffrant sittn

so…me mus always dress fi all occasions?

me nuh sure

me like wear tings weh shine a night time fi mek di moon light features me body

and a day time me wear tings weh bright so me can reflect light

so me mus wear a bright orange sequin dress?

fi try balance di ting?

after me nuh disco ball

unnu nuh see seh summn wrong?

or me mus wear layers and pell off as time pass?

after me nuh onion

when me leff my yard 8 o clock fi go class

likkle do i know seh as me squint so…night drop

and den now…how me fi pass me exam

because my body know say bout 5 hours after sun fully set is time fi party

11 o clock dat. me can do a full days worth a work before dat

me tek me likkle nap

git up refreshed

andΒ  1am road tear down

ascording to dis place and its own personal sun

9 o clock me supposed to gone a me bed….how dat?

9 o clock me neither done me home work nor choose outfit

yu nuh see seh di place a go mek me dunce

and den me hear seh inna summer all 9pm sun nuh gone down


ask me wah sun a do up til 9pm? macka inna sun bed? me is a shy smaddy enuh

certain activties i will not be involved in until after sun set

yu nuh see seh me love life mash up

and furthermore

when sun a set 9pm

1am come een like 9pm

me woulda never land a no party from 9pm.

social life mash up agen

dis nuh mek no sense to me

a cause a first worl sun it feel seh it fi have dis amount a options?

dis wide breadth a experience?

a cause fi we sun a third word sun it so restricted?

me nuh sure

but me nuh pleased

imagine me inna me office. jus belch off me lunch cause a 3 o clock

me look up and seh rass, time fi go a yard. all mongrel dog mus gone een

look dung


yu nuh see me meds jus mash up?

look here man

me need twilight

yu hear me

twilight mek everybody look gorgeous

me need sunset fi me love life work

before fluorescent light tun on

or sun hot directly over head

sun need fi sawt out

i am not here for dis!!!


One Reply to “so….about the 4:30 pitch black ting”

  1. HOw you and di sun a mek out now?? Mi feel sorry fi yuh. Fareen no nice at all, at all eh?? Come back an go a UWI, up dere are most beauteous, especially now when poui tree a bloom like wha!

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