and now…death swaggin?

so now.

me undastan seh everybody seh fashion ova style and everybody is dem own smaddy and everyboddy wanna ball

but…all when we dead?

like all when we dead

why me de yah a mind me bussiness and see dis

so wah

dovecot nuh good agen

meadowrest dun out?

nuhbaddy cyaan bury inna granny back yard down di hill weh di dasheen dem plant

we need personalised options fi reflect we character

yu know seh me nah go a di site?

me nah go

how me final resting place fi unique

yu know seh dem better a show me sepulchre and sarcophagus and different kinda urn because me nuh know wah else dem coulda mean

me can jus imagine one smaddy have di contarct fi bury yu anyweh yu waan bury

empire state?


RKA weh digicel deh caw yu want a bigger better burial?


me can …

u know when me see di summn a missa wackie come to mind immediately

like if him did run funeral home how it woulda go

a dat me a imagine enuh

like him a seh yeh, everyting haffi swag. all when yu inna body bag

body bag swag

caw we death haffi unique

oh so badly

anyweh we puddung we body



whaapen to funeral home weh dem jus gi yu a plot and done

yu see weh we reach now?

bet yu when yu goa di site yu see a ooman wid a bedazzler ready fi sort out yu ting

unique death enuh

death swaggin.

#ican’t and #iwon’t


me done



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