in case yu never know Jamaican election call

i created this to sum up my reaction

a now goat haffi run inna fear

any billy weh did deh a a road cayliss go under old truck or inna high bush go tremble. thy days are numbered.

and we know seh wray and nephew done start work over time fi keep up wid di demand

yes man. extra staff come on as of tonight

lekka tell yu summn tho

dem political leader yah a try all kinda new approach

collaborative ting dem a try enuh

tru dem a ‘dismantle garrison’ <–nah go bodda mention how holness buss di whole a portia business bout how much garrison she have and him only have one degge degge likkle gun filled political stronghold;ld. nah mention di part weh him say she a garrison mumma. nah seh it.

everybody mek sure dem a reference di nex party inna dem speech

and same time dem a stab after dem

dem a compliment dem

very sophisticated man

next ting me a look for is a sex tape or a drug scandal

for a hollywood starlet alone me know deal wid di ting so

(although wid how it a go a hollywood yu release sex tape fi gi yuself ratings, me nuh sure me waan see any of the members of the government or opposition a kim kardashian up di place. lisa you is very beautiful but still…i don’t know yu like dat. and mek we talk bout roger clark as party puppa emeritus. yu know him a di most likely co-star…i rest my case)


December 12th a nomination day

December 29th we vote

everybody weh a mek noise bout how him spoil di season please stop run up unnu mouth

unnu know seh not one party a cancel

di man dem weh kip party inna christmas done order everyting down to di ice aready and dem nah budge offa dem date

so party a kip

and when di election presha buss inna yu head

yu frighten fi see how yu dodge bullet and reach

not to mention wid di mount a palm weh a go grease money a go deh a road dash weh

tek me advice

no all inclusive

mek dem buy out di bar

for $5000.00 bill deh bout and a now it a go touch road

just mek sure yu have plenty change. tun ove yu zinc pon di four block and gallang

pon top a dat di pick pocket and odda reprobate dem done prime up fi di holiday season aready so may as welll we get rid a di whole a dem one time. mek di pickpocket and ginnal and thug dem link up and tek on dem one anodda inna di streets and set we free

me know people a tek bets pon who a go win. me nuh de yah fi dat. my only concern is dat jamaica nuh suffer. whichever party win, dem gwaan wid it. but mek sure seh di country nuh mash up inna di process. simple

and me nah talk  bout holness 45 minutes worth a build up.

dat come een like when you want a quickie and di smaddy weh yu a duggu duggu wid waan summn romantic

yu jump on and ready fi buss it

dem a do all kinda rub down and candle light

15 minutes later yu realise seh neither of unnu will be satisfied so yu jus sekkle een fi see how it a go end.

here we go errbody

election time agen

jamaica me a pray fi yu


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