skellisha the go go skeleton (me cuddn mek dis up if me try)

me nuh really care wah yu waan seh

why lamby ( always know weh di real foolishness deh?

yu cyan tek me weh from Jamaica

mek me tell yu bout talent

yu see da man here now

wid da skelinton yah now

and di skelinton a gogo

yu see when she tump it een?


look pon 0:23 when she gi we di side to side wine wid di  juck

yu nuh impress yet?

yu see when skellisha pat har summn

kissss me neeeeccccckkk she gone go bubble pon a maaaaaannn


and den me see di selector man a buss a wine pon har

kisss me neeeecccckkk

(nah bodda mention seh is a man a control skellisha so a di man him a wine wid)


she jus wine and go dung pon di bike back

why di man seh we nuh like labourite so she mus dash dem weh?

look here

skellisha a portia sister?

me nuh care wah yu waan seh

jamaica a di new worl power

all we want is a buss

mek we run dis town tonite

gogo skelinton to rass

and who sew fi skellisha?

same smaddy weh used to do ouch crew sumn dem?

import from englan?

dash she dash enuh

bone swaggin

weh him a go wid di guinness bucket?

she a drink it

or she a get it as prize

yu tink farrin a come up wid dem summn yah

me done

yard me seh yah man

yard straight


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