wine by macka diamond (aka nene leakes) (bedazzler not included)

can please tell me why macka diamond shave out di side a har head and bedazzle it?

me nuh certain

and is me or Macka Diamond and Nene Leakes from real housewives of atlanta a long lost sister?

and why latesha waist line seize up?

and dem haffi a shock it back to life

a only inna Jamaica yu a go see dem wire up a ooman to a battery enuh

and further more… is a yaris dat dem jus link it up to?

a wah dat

is a tiida?

unnu ever try do nuttn wid a yaris battery yet? it can barely start di yaris

tru wud

me like dem video here enuh

jus some normal cyar

and some normal weave

and we jus buil’ a video

me like macka cat suit tho

and har one braid swag

(nah talk bout di camel toe, apparently a di new accessory)

but a me one realise seh none of what is taking place in dis video is winin

jiggin up, yes

juckin, yes

but no winin nah gwan enuh

how we stray so far from di ting?

me memba how even when yu cuddn do nuttn else yu coulda work out di winin

but now me see people a pump it up and a shake like a earthquake

dis nuh have nuttn fi do wid winin

mama africa is not proud

anyhow in case yu never know is a positive review dis

me like macka enuh

love har

me feel seh she and spice fi clash

and spice drop di hot patty wine and macka draw fi dis and spice ooman dem come een from di desert and macka mechanic dem tek it to dem and when di smoke and dust clear lady saw crown di princess

yes bitch. yes

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