birdman feat nicki minaj and lil wayne Y U Mad (apparently the last two are now one person)

ni**as think u fly
lemme check your flight mileage <–wayne is back, and he’s hungry for wigs

please check nicki rockin the wayne…down to the dreadlocks
what im trying to decide is…should we be considering this some kind of caribbean accent
go onika
i see you on your caricom swag booboo
dont let them haters get you

(but dis coulda easily been bull buck rihanna with her new bajamaican steelo)

and please know nex time smaddy come up and a look me, me a gi dem di wink and say ‘yes it’s nice to meet me’ <–say what you want about nicki, she market it so good they be wantin to buy it
i always knew wayne was secretly a furby
now he’s started wearing them on his feet
he’s mid transition y’all
he gon’ morph like gizmo

throw the water on him!!
yeh i said furby
and made a gremlin reference
why you mad?
yeh nicki got beenie babies on her actual feet
there u have it

it’s an epidemic like bird flu

who has been questioning the value of nicki’s hole?
because she come here fi defend it 300 style enuh
like this pussy clean
this pussy squeaky
*kicks a trick over the edge*

whichever gyal a spread rumour pon har pussy need fi desist before she plea di blood pon dem

caw she clearly perturbed

also…while this is birdman’s song….his verse makes me so sad <–you know what i just listened to this again. i like his verse. he’s givin me some jay-z blue print type flow. go bird man. and may i say…compared to what yo ass used to look like…money  a WORK fi yu

but you cannot hate on a a man who had the presence of mind to adopt ‘the greatest rapper ever’ <–ok. i love wayne. but i don’t think he’s the greatest. but for his little dreadlocked tatto faced-ed stans out there, get you some

me want him hat though
and the bedazzle bottle cap pants

so she a harajuku barbie, martha, roman, nicki and now wayne wid titties
its unites states of tara up in this bitch

sex with her must be like an orgy

and in closing….how much a dem cut up cut up swimsuit summn deh yu tink she have
yu feel she buy a couture casco and buy in bulk? buy three pay wholesale?
me jus a ask


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