BB etiquette- for when you are lookin smaddy

word to the wise- if you are looking somebody and you just get their bb contact, try to avoid calling them sexy girl or baby girl or baby or even sometimes babes until you’ve known them for more than 15 minutes.

I’d say unless they call you something similar, don’t use these terms. and certainly if you use one and they ask you to stop, don’t substitute the other in your acceptance of the request.

As in doan do dis-
Them: Good morning sexy girl

You: morning <–notice how it dry, cause di sexy girl a gall yu but yu a try be nice caw yu nuh know dem and yu nuh know if dem a go be yu next ex. But di sexy girl a stuff ballot fi di opposition.

Them: how are you doing today you sexy girl

You: I’m fine and my name is *insert name here* so you can call me *insert name here* ℓσℓ <- yu drop een di ℓσℓ or di smiley face fi dull the blow. Its passive aggressive but that’s how we get down now.

Them: ok bby

You: *contemplates whether you should tell dem not to call you dat*. <–Only ting worse dan an overly familiar person is an abbreviated overly familiar person. If yu a go have sweet mout’ den yu nuh mus can tek di time fi do it properly? Lazy brute. Steups.

*contemplates whether your bb should ‘catch a mysterious virus and delete people* <–nuh act like yu nuh tell dem lie deh too

*decides to just receive the message and not respond* <—if the person is bb intelligent this should speak for itself.

If you are adding someone and you hope to date/sex them please fix up yu picture and yu name before yu send di request

If kool kyd try add me- me nah accept
For dat smaddy inna prep school and me nuh pedophile. A you seh grape, pineapple and kola champagne?

If ¥€££* try add me- me nah accept. Because dat smaddy is a computer or a trade index and me cyaan hug up neider a dem deh a night time. Furthermore me nah go can talk to yu caw me cyaan search fi none a dem summn deh and me custom fi end chat regular <–me deal wid my ting like CIA a follow me boss.

and a nex ting- if yu did a go meet smaddy face to face, yu woulda go wid matta inna yu yeye and donkey bridle a yu mouth corner?
So try change yu display pic before yu add people.
It mighta cute to yu fren dem fi show how grimey you can be
But me a nuh yu fren.

I’m not here for that.

What I’m saying is- don’t be yourself. In a bid to land the person. Pretend to be somebody wid a likkle summn and a toops a (I hate to say it) swag nuh?
Yes man try a likkle summn man. Yu cyaan a live so. Yu nah go get through

Dem say a word to di wise is sufficient. If yu cyaan mek di jump from PIN to phone number nuh say me nein warn yu
BB a audition
Number a di show
If yu nah get cast a di heap a fooliniss inna yu name a hold yu back

Aye aye aye.


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