dear digicel, how coincidental no free call fi di holidays…unnu cold bahbah

Why dis come een pon me phone di odda day:

Digicel wishes to advise that the Gimme 5 promo will be suspended on December 25th, 2011 & January 1st, 2012 from 12:00am to 11:59pm. Text 7 to 137 for info.

dear digicel

We see you on your bummy swag

Di amount a money yu a go mek offa people who figget bout dis message and a call a call granny fi christmas fi reminisce bout di years gone  because dem have di 25 after five and finally get di likkle time off…

Unnu mek back all a di money weh unnu ‘gi weh’ since year

Fi everybody who heralding digicel as the great jamaican phone company
And a celebrate say dem ‘buy out claro ‘ (please see here for the truth on that story)
Tek sleep mark death
Di two day a year dem shoulda dash weh free calling
See it deh
It suspend
Me nuh have nuttn more fi say
Me nah say LIME better
But dem 3G work, and if not di edge capitalise and me woulda rather have more players inna di game dan fewer
Caw we know weh monopoly bring
Unnu gwaan hug up digicel and see if next caribbean heads of state government meeting we place card nuh read digicel Jamaica (the country, not the company, we bought it in 2012)

Mark me words
Me done talk

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