prosecution is for losers….scandal dem instead!

Pardon me for saying jus like dat
But jus like dat inna dem whatsitclaaaattt!!!
Di tastee patty drive thru outta angels plaza nah tek back nuh chat
Since prison mek fi black people
And everybody and di police a fren
(Boy 2011 was a year fi online foolywang citing di police)
Summn else haffi do fi tap people from pee pee pon yu fence
By di way….why we cyaan jus go inside go use di bathroom?
Di breeze mek we feel free up? like when clothes dry inna sun
Di threat a cow itch mek it dangerous?
Extreme pissin?
Me nuh sure
Cow itch ever ketch yu yet?
Sittn scratch yu til it start burn! yu know wah dat mean? all when di cow itch gone u craab up like puss after mating season
Dat will teach yu fi nuh reveal yu privates outta door

a nuh prim yu granny did prim, a country she come from weh cow itch grow
Tek me word
Di tastee people say since police nah frighten yu?
Mek di thought a di whole community a look pon yu teelee frighten yu backside!
Sit back and enjoy dat
And have a patty while you’re at it

and a sorrel <–rehhhh, new super fruit. me jus a wait pon jackfruit fi reveal its secret powers
If me never see a nedda country agen me ok
Caw jamaica have wah fi satisfy me
Every kinda fooliniss unda di sun

nuh piss yaso!


online surveillance in check!


6 Replies to “prosecution is for losers….scandal dem instead!”

      1. oh god me feel sorry fi dem …. suppose di motivation fi tief was desperation or hunger or something important like that rather than just being ah ol’ crosses tief!

      2. me sure di shop keeper dem woulda say ‘ yu ever meet a tief weh ever nuh have story yet?’
        i myself see yu point
        problem is when yu set net the good get ketch wid di bad

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