that awkward moment when

you realise you’re brushing with someone else’s toothbrush…

but you’ve already covered the lower teeth and gums

and scrubbed some of your tongue

the toothpaste foam up and everyting

yu goodly all rinse and start een pon di second round a scrubbin

and yu cyaan even gwaan like dem germs nuh inna yu mout or like yours nah go inna fi dem…

…keep brushing son

ain’t nothin you can do about it

if it mek yu feel any better just remember which slot di toothbrush was in

wash off the excess toothpaste, or put on some depending on how particular the user is about their brush <–yu know some people nuh wash out dem toothbrush and di whole ting tun white from the toothpaste weh cake up pon it. inna my mind a labour saving device caw dem nuh waan haffi squeeze tube when nex dem come fi brush)

pat it dry with the towel so nobody know

put it back inna di exact position

(wet up yours fi mek it look like yu did use it if yu is a REAL criminal or yu family extra faas)

and enjoy your bathroom burglar minty fresh breath

wah yu a go do?

at least it never drop inna toilet

me will tell yu how fi sort out dat inna next post

but lekka tell yu dis…the thing you do NOT do is tell the person and advise they buy a new brush

that a only last resort business

what happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom…and this blog is completely hypothetical (caw me know from now on people a go chaperone me inna dem bathroom)

wwwoooooooooooooooohhhh <–farrin duppy noise

*sparkles and disappears like smoke*


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