yu know good summn?

Due to how me dis fork over di fifty dollah and tell di ooman gimme dat worth a di cheers
Me feel like when me inna prep school and can’t count good and just haffi mek di ooman gi yu di amount weh yu due
Yu memba cheers?
Yu mus memba cheers man
Town people wine to di side
Country people
Unnu memba cheers?
Memba when yu did a walk home from school
Di ooman outta school gate
Di same ooman who used to have di game weh yu pick di ticket dem and it match wid balloon and yu hope yu pick di big one?
She same one weh sell di bag juice and di likkle blue sweetie weh look like pencil eraser weh dem say mek yu doo-doo blue and will kill yu
Di same ooman weh used to sell di icy mint and paradise plum dem?
She used to sell cheers
Cheers come een like smarties
But quarter di quantity and quarter di price
Poor people smarties dis
Yes man
And ping pong
When yu stoosh and go inna drug store yu buy jordans almonds
But a road side…ping pong and cheers
It sweet me
Me dis throw dem inna me gullet bag by bag *mavado voice*
A good summn dis
If yu nuh know it walk a road and look inna di back a di stall dem til yu find dem
Buy one and shake it inna yu mouth like when yu a eat peanut outta cone
Jus dweet
Den tell me weh yu seh

Woiiiiiiii kingston can gweh
Country me seh!


2 Replies to “yu know good summn?”

    1. me buy a bag juice fi 25 dolla di odda day
      me nearly drop down
      only reason me never feel bad is cus it was juice not drink
      me memba mothers 2 fi 22
      2 patty fi 22 dollars
      and a 2000 dat
      can imagine?

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