what your child is doing right now – feet in the face basin

this is the first installment of a new section on the blog entitled ‘what your child is doing right now’

the premise is pretty straight forward, it’s things children do that make absolutely no sense, that parents may or may not know about, which may or may not possibly expose the family to  contagious diseases…yu know kids is nasty. i’m not sure why…but they is

if you’ve got one of these <– story not kid

send it to me.

now, some of these may be based on my own life…and may be based on things i am still doing at this ripe old age. but you won’t ever know

riddim up.

1) washing their feet in the face basin


for no reason other than they thought it would be fun

or maybe there was a lizard or something in the bath they couldn’t bother to take on

and heaven forbid they call you so you can move it <—not like they’re usually hollering your name from across the house anyways


toes meet toothbrush

toothbrush meet dutty foot

you gonna be good friends

don’t think this is happening in your house?

let’s go dexter on this

check the splash pattern

how muddy water reach pon di wall back a di sink?

and di pickney dem a come straight from dinner and nein a play inna dirt?

also….notice the wet footprints aren’t coming from the bath…..roun di bath dry

but roun di sink….a lake dat

summn nuh seem strange?


foot inna face basin

just because it’s monday

welcome to the world

*cue diana ross*

I’m coming!!!!


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