how to know Jamaicans are talking about money

You can tell jamaicans are talking about money by the fact that the terms money, cash or funds are never used.
Rather they are conspicuously avoided to the point that a simple chit chat about a child’s school fee or the purchase of a new pair of shoes begins to sound like a mafia land drug transaction.

Instead of money they will use terms like ‘di ting’
Or ‘da summn deh’
Or ‘yu know wah me a talk bout’

Also, for no reason whatsoever the conversation takes on hushed tones and everything is sotto voce. Also names are avoided and eyes become shifty like somebody a follow dem or FBI a listen
It goes something like this

Person 1: *dials phone* *listens*
Person 2: allo
Person 1: yeah, a me man
Person 2: who dat
Person 1: a me man, a call bout di ting
person 2: which ting
Person 1: di ting mah weh me did fi collec from yu wah day but yu did gone inna di town so yu say check yu back later<—notice dem will explain di situation in laborious detail but nah say nuh name
Person 2 : (finally ketch di rake) ohhh, a you <–notice dem nah say di smaddy name neither
Person 1: yeh man a me man
Person 2: so weh yu deh now
Person 1: deh pon a likkle ends yah, but me have a one likkle summn weh need fi sawt out so a dat mek me'da try get di ting
Person 2: oh, well, me nuh have da ting deh pon me yah now enuh. Nuh waan walk wid it else babylon come juck me down
Person 1: tru ting dat
Person 2: meet me roun a di likkle corner nuh
Person 1: same one as before
Person 2: yeh man, same place
Person 1: awrite, wah time
Person 2: dem time deh man
Person 1: ahhh, awrite. Dem time deh den
Person 2: yeah

If you a overhear dis
Yu nah folla dem fi watch di biggest drug transaction yu ever see inna yu life and fi see if america's most wanted or CVM news team nah go come?
And yu know weh dem a discuss? Smaddy borrow 2 grand from smaddy else and dem want it back fi mek up fi send dem baby modda go hair dresser
Can you believe it?
Dats why me love Jamaica
Fly low fly high I am a yardie til I die
Nuttn nuh sample like dem people yah

*walks off singing* we get di ting dem, dem outta luck now.


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