dear jamaica jazz fest

Please can tell me why you are telling me to collect my tickets from a place that according to directory assistance does not exist?

Fus ting
Yu have di gall fi designate a place name ‘pampi’s’ as di collection point for online tickets in mobay
Like left hand pampy?
Like cousin of a mampy?
Like wah
I’m sure somebody almost came at the cultural richness of the name
And the thought of all the people from across the caribbean -flying in to hear celine sing bout how it sweet to har belly- coming into contact with a jamaican classic like that

Moving on
So yu have all a di ticket outlet dem list out pon di site
But not one number fi contact dem….
Di likkle extra weh di web designer was obviously goin to charge yu did a go kill yu? <—caw me cyaan undastan why else yu wuddn put di numba dem fi mek di site more user friendly. A mus by di character dem a charge yu

Look here
A 2012 now
Di whole a we nuh live inna district wid town centre weh yu haffi pass pon di way to and from school
Dat simple mean say people nuh muss pass di ticket outlet dem
Therefore nuh assume people jus a go drop een, dem a go call fus, because ticket can run out and people nuh have time fi waste a stop 15 different place.
Clearly buying online is a waste a time for dem time deh di sittn dem haffi collect a bermuda triangle #shade

yu audience is a smart phone audience
Put di flippin number pon di site do dem dis click and call and find out weh dem fi find out

In case yu feel me a over react here are a few things I needed to know from the outlet
1) Me can pay by debit or credit card? <–for me nuh custom fi walk up and down wid nearly 20 grand fi no reason at all
2) Me can pay inna US? <–since despite the fact that its the jamaica jazz and blues festival the only currency used on the site is US dollars. Friggin farrin minded rass dem. Steups

3)If me pay inna Jamaican (*gasp*!) What is the exchange rate?

So if me waan any a dem three sittn yah settled, can please tell me who me mus call?
Di contact section a di site full a email address and no numba nuh deh
Me mus go look fi numba separate?
Furthermore art of music productions nuh have no numbah either a yard or abroad fi even ask dem

So me sen e-mail now bout how me disgruntled say all me a google and call me cannot locate a number for this mysterious pampi's and all me get is a dry email wid a number fi call fi ticket queries

Not fi pampi's
Fi ticket queries

So me call di number, fix up me attitude (for is not whoever answer fault) and tell di ooman say me cyaan find a number fi pampi's
She quite loud and stern:
The office Is located at shop number 9 blah blah blah

Me say is pampi's at the office?
She: *snide* its beside it
Me say well di website nuh say nuttn bout office. Can I have a number for the office
She: *snider* that's where you're calling now
Me say ok but you know the website say collect at pampi's
She: the office is located at!!!!

Me dis cut har off
Me say look here
I heard you
But what I am telling you AS A CUSTOMER
Is that I spent the greater part of the morning searching for a contact for a place that directory assistance does not have listed
Nor is the number on the site
Furthermore the site says nothing about an office, only a pampi's which does not exist
Thus….as a customer…I am suggesting that you tell the web site designer to see about this

She: *half quail half snide* ok miss

Unnu see me trial
All me a try do a sen me modda go sing bout she's alive and If walls could talk enuh

As far as me know jazz and blues nuh exist. A lone money a launder dis year. Dem a go lure unnu go a di stadium and tun off di light dem and run weh wid di ticket pan because a fbi it teek fi find dem.

Jazz and blues
Do better
At a minimum of 8 grand per person
Di least yu coulda do a get yu contact info straight pon yu site man
Nuh wonder freddie pull out pon unnu
Di jamaican part a unnu ting waan work!
sawt out yuself.

Me done.


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