things that only happen to me (baby bad man)

Can please tell me why me jus go a dentist and dem a go tell me say a pair a me molars a baby teeth caw di adult teeth nuh come een yet?

….Me a 29….and di adult teeth nuh come een yet. <–me nuh mean fi be repetitive me jus waan emphasise me point

Bear in mind say me wear braces….fi all a me high school career because me nein a service dem so dem nein a do nuttn. Yes. All 5 years. Me is a tin grinner. Talk up to me commitment to di cause.

Me wear braces til people figgat say me a wear braces
When me touch 4th form people come and a ask me when me get braces caw dem blend een wid me face and people tap see dem.

Now, while me never go regular, me used to go often enough and all dis time dem a straighten dem never notice say one a dese tings is not like di odda one?

Dem never realise say one a di teeth dem small small and nah hold on di bracket proppa?

Dem nein notice say everybody a di same length except fi da one deh?

Me always used to wonder who fail mental ability enuh.

Dr. Foster thy name is legend

So weh me supposed to do now? Da teeth yah a put een overtime now enuh
Bout 18 years ago it supposed to gone pon retirement an all now

Dat come een like dem long time school teacher deh weh mek up dem mind say dem a go bury inna dem classroom.

Da teeth yah gangsta!
A me say forever young!
A me say never give up widout a fight!
A me say
Bwoy me nuh know wah me say but me teeth say no tooth fairy roun here
Dem nuh bad like we!

*goes off to chew dumplin on baby tooth*


One Reply to “things that only happen to me (baby bad man)”

  1. no that actually happen to me too and I was 30. I actually took out one and the baby one push it may come in handy..dwl

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