dear scotiabank

mek we discuss something

if the person is too sick to come in to work how them must carry in the sick leave form?

i am not sure what exactly is guiding this policy but does it make sense to you that in their time of illness a person should be asked to figure out how to get the sick leave form in to you? suppose dem and dem fren nuh drive?

suppose dem nuh have fren wid time fi drop it off?

suppose dem nuh have fren?

suppose dem live far?

dat mek sense to you?

probably now that its not in an official company memo you can see the folly through the typeface

because right now the policy is that the person must turn in the sick leave before returning to work


and why?

if dem did a play sick and did a go get fake form dem can do it just as easily when dem deh home a play wii and a gwaan like dem have flu as when dem back and work

and if dem cyaan provide di form den yu jus fire dem

a wah?

yu waan time fi verify di illness before dem come back a work so if it nuh real yu can save dem di bus fare and tell dem nuh bodda come in to work today or any day fi dat matter?

yu considerate eeh?

or yu fraid dem dead widout yu get di sick leave?

if dem dead widout yu get it dem yu lose money?

me nuh sure….

but me certain say yu cyaan a ask sick people fi come outta dem bed fi gi yu piece a paper

wus when dem mus boun and compound fi come back a di same place come do work

nuh two trip dat?

if even nuh humanity unnu undasta bout conservation a energy?

nuh mek me look roun a back and see weh yu have di bad teller dem shackle and a bun inna sun enuh

nuh mek me draw fi di backra massa talk



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