can somebody please tell the canadians

Who refuse to de-ice their sidewalks and other paths that is only jesus walk on water
And me nah feel particularly miraculous today

Additionally please tell dem say if me show up to dem summn late is not because I function on coloured people time
Is because coloured people like me nah walk faster dan 1mph because if me drop di whole a dem a go hear it

Look here
White or yellow I doan care a di miggle line inna di road me a walk pon
And me nah tek back nuh chat

if yu feel seh yu bad come lick me

and yu learn bout ‘pop’ bottle inna yu windscreen

lazy brute dem

you mussi have flipper and web but a toe me have pon my foot

de-ice yu place!


One Reply to “can somebody please tell the canadians”

  1. Thanks for the laughter. I live in NY and its the same mess here. Mi not even want pop a fake drop pon dem cause mi might bruk mi behind fi real.

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