dear eagle condensed milk

Fus ting me waan clear me name
Me never waan buy yu
Only reason me tek yu up put yu inna me trolley a caw dem never have no betty nor nestle inna di store
Me nuh waan nobdaddy feel say me come farrin come adventure
Or turn me back pon yard
When me auntie sen down di parrot condense milk dem inna di barrel me jus look pon dem wid appreciation and sweeten me tea wid sugar

So me buy dis milk now and draw me tea and ready fi sweeten
It have one a di likkle pop top summn dem so me me puddung ti tin opener weh me did have
Very much disappoint caw me did well prepared fi press down hard pon di milk top and tun di likkle hangle wid glee
Farrin tek di fun outta everyting inna di name a progress

Now imagine when me pour di likkle milk inna me tea and me see dis happen….

A whaddat?
Chemical reaction?

Spontaneous evolution of Semolina or creamy wheat?

What is dis inna me milk?
It look normal inna di tin enuh
So please tell me when since tea and milk a form new chemical formations?

And a stir me haffi stir it up enuh
Caw it sekkle down a di bottom
Tea colour barely change, fava when rain drop down a road bottom and di dutty water gather up and sekkle

Look here man, me is a smaddy weh tek me condense milk serious
Me nuh even like tea
But people judge yu when yu dis pour di milk inna yu mouth so

and dem frown upon yu when yu dis a pour di whole-a tin pon di hardo bread
So me use di tea fi ‘carry’ it
And me nuh care if me have cultural bias sake a weh me come from
I does not CARE!

Nestle and betty a di bench mark
Get yu money up or ‘tap mek milk

Condense milk nuh fi curdle!


wah kinda nasiniss dis!



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