GP Christmas dash out

…a me one hear bout di big Christmas extravaganza bonanza and dash out weh keep up a GP ?(general penitentiary for those who never have nobody a prison or nuh lissen news)

mout teeth and tongue (aka jamaica gleaner)tell me say apparently di man dem hold one big bashment

warden as worl’ boss and bobby as 54873 presents a night called Man Alone!

and better dan dat di man dem TEK PICKTCHA AND SEN IT GO A PHOTO LAB GO DEVELOP



me nein stammer

a one ting fi yu manage fi get weed hennessy, alozade <<-dis still a run road? a mus some old school druggist from di escalade era, nowadays druggis nuh drink dat and dem drive range rover and X6

anywho, rum and rum cream dede<–one a dem in deh is a tru genkleman, him nah tek on di hard stuff strickly sangster’s and baileys

a one ting fi try get dem summn deh inna di prison, dis is jamaica afterall, prison nuh exactly seal off

but is a nex ting fi string up soun’ system and a pour out one fi yu linky dem weh still stuck pon di outside

and den a have photo booth set up roun a back wall wid man a pose gainst fake BMW back drop



me jesus what is dis

and a one a di guard dem tek di pictcha dem enuh

and a try tell we seh a water inna di bokkle dem and di weed nuh rare. di man set him mout fi tell people say weed a regular ting inna di prison enuh

and which big ol hard back jamaican man yu know a go siddung drink water outta hennessy bokkle and feel nice pon christmas?

me fave duppy bat?

or me look like me born when me mumma gone a market?

better dan dat a name brand di man dem a floss inna and all dese tings

and pon top a dat

a di informer dung a di photo lab mek it buss caw dem go complain to one a di guard dem bout how di nex guard nuh waan pay fi di 121 picture dem weh dem carry come clean

one hundred and twenty one enuh

a whole night picture tekkin flash and film it style dat enuh

a fashion week levels a picture tekkin enuh boss

dem nah ramp enuh

kiss me neck

me hear everybody a talk bout how dem waan go prison a farrin but me nuh so sure bout dat

me never hear bout riker’s island fete yet

so me cyaan tun me back pon yard

dash outtt!!!




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