if one a dem gyal yah try tief my man (Konshens gyal a bubble)

me willingly let him go

Jesus saviour pilot me!

all now me nuh know why Jamaica nuh have gymnastics teams enuh

because if a nuh outta palais we go colleck dem, a di video set dem we go find dem

dem gyal yah nuh have no bone!

yu know how we woulda mash up some parallel bars?

how konshens lie so?

which car wash jus have ooman dash weh ova deh so? and di place look empty? yu tink dat coulda a gwaan pon satdeh and man nuh tek leave a absence from dem relationship jus fi go look? right now dem woulda haffi charge man entrance fi siddung and wait

sas crise di gyal jus spin pon har head top. we cyaan patent and copyright da move deh so any odda country waan use it haffi pay we? me gad

of course is gratuitous nudity and ooman pon car, wah else yu expec

but me like di fact say dem film demself a film di video, yu haffi gi di director dem props when dem try a likkle ting. even if a lone batty jaw yu see oddawise

me gone go do me stretches and see weh me can learn

caw a at least 25 gyal me see

and a 25 individual threat dat to me (non-existent)Β  love life

me cyaan siddung comfortable and know seh dem deh bout

i cannot balance it

my gad!

olympic gold enuh. all platinum

Ps Konshens me like yu matie bag

run di track!


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