sometimes…people fall in love- lady antebellum can’t take my eyes off you

i know this is a blog built on bitterness (it would seem)

but too much a one ting boring

and sometimes (please put down your cell phone and deactivate di calling tree you were about to start, this is not about me)

sometimes people fall in love

and then…

dem feel dem way yah


it ever happen to yu yet?

yu inna a room

and a bag a people a walk between yu

but nuh matter what yu ever know weh one smaddy in particular deh?

yu ever meet smaddy and yu find yuself a fight wid yusef fi come outta yu owna way jus so yu can go to dem?

i am not purporting that the person  saved you from yourself

or made you better

because we haffi get outta da love as saviour ting yah

me feel seh we a put too much pressure pon love and lovers

but yu ever meet smaddy yet, and due to how yu feel bout dem is like yu jus  start breathe deep and di air a go way dung inna yu lungs and is like all di time before yu nein a breathe propa?

and when yu find dat

and da smaddy deh

is like yu nuh even waan blink caw suppose dem do summn, and yu nuh see it

or suppose summn happen to dem and yu never dede fi stop it

dem ways deh





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