dear canada…whaapen to di bus dem?

my first experiment with a vlog

di sound quality is very much like primary school prize giving

but a we seh guerilla tactics


why canada feel bus nuh fi run pon family day? or rather the back a bush weh me deh?



and me well waan di likkle buggaz enuh




7 Replies to “dear canada…whaapen to di bus dem?”

    1. me neeeeed yu inna me life fi mek di sittn dem stop fava zinc shack recording
      lawd me fraid fi go inna vlog land *fear*
      tanks yah
      can imagine?
      -4 enuh
      30 minutes enuh
      all me can say a god bless me fi get di likkle sun
      dats all me can say!

  1. i love it …but to the bus ting it depends on the bus service Go does the last time i checked butttt it cost more than 10 dollars and it depends on the region that you are going been here a while and stll figuring out the mess of a transport system.

    mi totali agrii wid yu bout di kyanada livin ir ruff a cum ffram ja we wi av evritin an a tan up ina -20 a weit fi bus an a pie fi get a kaal rogers a di wuss tank God fi WIND ar mi wudda a pie ova 200 a mont. an dem pipl tink se wi liv inna tree an a live substandad lief an a dem a di wan den we a liv liek dem nuh av nutn

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