anyting a anyting (poem)

and the one said

is a simple ting me a ask yu

and me know di two a we a go siddung yah mek it look complex

but before we start all di conversations

and discussion

and argument

is a simple ting me a ask yu fi do fi me

lock yu yeye

imagine yuself

imagine di smaddy yu see side a yu

open yu yeye and look pon me and tell me if it coulda be me

dats all

me know yu

me know yu likkle ways

how yu jus get up and a hype some days

and yu know me

know seh more time me mek all kinda opportunity pass me by

caw me fraid

and me lazy

and me know say yu nuh really check fi me fren dem

and me know your fren dem hate me lakka poison

but a nuh dem me a deh wid

a you

and a nuh dem yu a deh wid

a me


me wake up dis mawnin and it never mek sense

wah we a do?

me look down pon me chest and me never see yu head

me look over and yu never lie down inna me bed

me talk to yu when me a eat me breakfast

likkle most me open di passenger door

fi seat yu inna car before me go een


a nuh demand me a demand

is a request

a question

and me know yu may flop me

and me willing fi swallow it down

me done swallow bout 5 gallon a pride

people never tell yu how dem question yah hard fi ask

when yu really check fi di woman

when yu look up inna yu future

and yu done see har set up clear

dem never tell yu how all part a yu sweat

but yu throat still dry

dem nuh tell yu how outta no weh breeze start blow inna yu eye

and dem full a gravel

and yu a fight tears


me nuh waan drive go a work widoout you side a me


me nuh waan go supermarket unless yu a put tings inna di trolley

and me nuh waan see a nex movie if yu nuh siddung wid me a chat to di screen

and a tief me pop corn and a drink out me soda

me nuh waan go anodda day

weh me hand inna me pocket


your hand supposed to inna it

your hand fi inna my hand

a deso it belong

me nah bad yu up

a level me a level wid yu

but di way me feel

is a emergency

a nuh bad up, a urgency

me nuh waan walk anodda step if yu nah walk side a me

and a nuh jus di company

summn inna yu spirit move me

and selfishly

me a ask yu fi share it wid me

pon a long term

the one said

me nuh waan walk alone

and me nuh waan walk wid nuhbdaddy else

jus you

and me will do weh me haffi do

caw it nuh mek sense fi me de yah

if me nuh de wid yu

so anyting me haffi change

a nuh nuttn

a di least

caw you a di most

most beautiful

most smart

most funny

most perfect woman me ever see


so anyting a anyting

lie down pon me chest and sing to yuself

or tell me stories bout yu day

or nuh say nuttn

either way me heart a beat fast

caw yu dede


me a go put out me hand

and if yu feel like

and me hope yu feel like

tek it





© carla moore 2011


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