shuba shubai shuba shuba daiiii who memba warrior king?

retro saturdays nukka!

yu memba dem song yah?

dis used to tear up di place enuh

now mek we nuh bodda talk bout how she nah tek di power she make him a better man

a how di feminist dem supposed to a stew inna dem combat boots <–yes that was feminist shade

rehhh him jus big up empress menen

a my empress dat enuh

i STAN for menen <–yes me know everybody love cleopatra and nefertiti but a menen me say. me feel say di full figured empress dem fi get some love yah now. and what the hell full figured mean? some people have half figure

yow a long time me waan just a swim inna one river and buck up pon a life mate enuh

yu nuh see me life nah gwaan good

or a only man can do dat caw a dem have di rib?

it nuh really clear enuh

caw usually when me deh a  river a splash the most me get a piece a wiss or one stray janga

some people have all di luck

a warrion king seh king tritan from likkle mermaid

run een sebastian!

just like dat

sweettt sweet loo-wo-wooovveeeee

riddim up!


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