chris dymond broadcast message MAMA IVY RIP (nuh read if yu faint of heart)


but in the spirit of keeping up wid all tings Jamaican, dis haffi share

and in a final blow to all irrelevant BBM broadcast messages

chris dymond took it to dem dis evelin in search of justice

and twitter locketh down

not since julene and her fren dem did a voice note has something spread on BBM so fast

fi mek yu know how it dutty smaddy sen it to me inna one text message

as you may know Mama Ivy (Bounty Killa modda) died today

RIP Mama Ivy and condolences Mr Pryce

and some girl mussi get fed up wid di broadcast dem

unfortunately she is guilty of broadcastin herself so she shoulda know better dan fi have any chat

(please see my post here about broadcasting)


di man decide fi ansa

YOU Nasty bloodclaat  GaL wah jus send me that msg about BOUNTY KILLA madda, YOU and ur mother come suck me and the whole dancehall fraternity…..look how much man you fuck from outa  dance hall circle and now u a come tlk bout “” MRS Ivy dead an gone so we must fuck off an stop sending u broadcast cause u don’t care >:O”” …….BIG WHORING GAL nuh u me see a send broadcast to mi phone When WHiTNEY HOUSTON died bout RIP Whitney ???? Mek me tell you this Mrs ivy is not only Bounty’s MOM she is a MOTHER TO THE ENTIRE DANCEHALL…….U Dumb Harlot unscrupulous BITCH Dancehall is BIggggggggg but me know ur Pussy BIGGER suh if u nuh wah hear bout MRS IVY PLEASE fling yuh phone ina ur BIG universal  HOLE an lost it !!!!

Sign : Chris Dymond

to the girl this was directed at

I so sorry

no disrespec

me sure yu never deserve all a dat

di only reason i post it is caw…like julene fren, your identity is safe

nuh tek it too seriou


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