wifeys and maties of the world, sawt unnu self and stop gwaan like eediat

look here

once a for all

matie- stop try hype pon wife, yu a borrow her man

wifey- nobody never tief yu man, unless a kidnapping yu cannot tief a human

and why unnu nuh realise seh inna all a dis fighting di smaddy weh won’t mek a choice between di two a unnu get weh scot free

but this is not even about dat

maties and wifeys gwaan like unnu have some cussid sense


16 Replies to “wifeys and maties of the world, sawt unnu self and stop gwaan like eediat”

  1. lord idied!!!!!!!!!!! loving the v-logs 🙂

    the man who strays is definitely a problem

    the bigger issue tho is that women really do expect cheating to be part and parcel of a relationship. and inherent in that thinking is the mateys will fall in line …. when they dont is when the real problem arises. some women will forgive cheating …. its the women who insist on enlightening other women that drives them batshit crazy

  2. Definitely agree that the man is the problem. The way di woman dem put up wid di f*ckery, you woulda think di world have a man shortage. And even if it does, these women need fi hold on to a little pride and self respect .

  3. Hi Carla,
    I have just spent mi laas 1 hour outta mi good, good work day looking at your vidoes and I cannot stop di lafting. Lissen to mi ..let me keep this short I need to find a way yo work with you. I write Jamaican skethches and since penned two books. You have the kind of spunk and humour that I need in my next project.

    Can you link me vial my website : http://www.ackeepodpublishing.com/

    PLEEASE!!! Hope to hear from you

  4. DWL DWL Once again! True words *Sound di tambourine* [kinda out of date with such jargon hehhe] Yes, quite amazing that it’s the men who get off free! And the women are nonsensically trying tot ear each other to shreds….. KMT time for this foolishness to end… Love the one your with … if you have to find comfort in someone else just end it and done! I really don’t get it!

  5. Well said. The problem starts from people not knowing the difference between wants and needs, not knowing how to communicate wants and needs to a partner. Unfortunately there is a very heavy judgmental undertone to Jamaican culture, especially in relationships…that’s why sometimes men and women feel it easier to just outsource and get what they feel to be their wants and needs filled by multiple people than to just talk to a partner…still, more men and women should listen closely to what you have said, it is indeed full of sense…

  6. Girl yuh talk di truth, this gone viral, meh spread this on facebook. Yes me too tired of this wifey and matey war….Do more videos, love the way you talk, very intelligent

  7. Good morning! OMG girl i read some of your post dem from way back, girl you are funny to rassclatt, i was literally waking up my neighbors late last night laughing, the one with dentist, woiie meh laugh till meh weak, the animal cracker one by the time i got to that one i was on the floor. You are the best, seriously you have natural talent and you keep it real. Keep up the good work!!! Just your voice alone is amazing…..

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