Lent Update…believe me there’s been no improvement


we’re two weeks into Lent

and i am deep in prayers

and deep in the failing

at this point i am actually malicing myself as a tactic for making this work

and as you can see from this vlog my eyes have taken on the gleam of the newly cray

delirium is imminent


5 Replies to “Lent Update…believe me there’s been no improvement”

  1. awwww….poor u, i feel ur pain, but admire ur strength and realness!!!!!!!!!!!bless up, hope u make it to the 40………..

  2. sounds like me this morning – just move to Canada, loinging for some yaad food – guh and buy a tin of GRACE corned beef – a cabbage and a piece of yam. get outta bed ONE HOUR early to make my yummy breakfast – cut up all kinda tings and dem a fry up nice, and just opening the tin and wishing I had some ackee and saltFISH.. FISH!!! is friday!!! I gave up meat on frdays…. but di yam bwoil aready….. sigh cabbage and yam it is….and wata – no juice (gave that up for lent).

    Daily Word throw nuf words aat me very regular……God speaks to us…. hang in there.

    Loving your blog…
    Princess P

  3. Hun, do what I used to. Just live, and at the end of the 40 days, think about something you haven’t done in 40 days and profess that THAT is what you gave up for lent. It’s a very satisfying method,

    FYI, for this lent and last, I gave up church.


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