demarco i love my life- YES. contentment we a defend. happiness no matter what


a long time we need some video bout some happy tings enuh

and i’m not saying that harsh realities are to be denied

but we mus talk bout di good part too

nuh just partying

partying a jus one part of a happy fulfilling life

me a talk bout when yu read summn weh sweet yu

me a talk bout love

me a talk bouut pickney a play

children are amazing. no matter how much gun shot a bark, pickney a go find a game fi play. dem a go laugh bout summn. we need fi mek a world weh dem have more tings fi smile bout. we need fi teach we pickney dem how fi be happy

me a talk bout the determination fi love yu life no matter what

there is a difference betewen happiness and contentment

a contentment me a talk bout

weh yu happy weh yu deh

inna di miggle a yu bills and yu stress and al a yu ‘haters’

find happiness

Demarco da one yah tek it

and respec to di video production team

represent fi yu real frens, yes. memba di ghetto yutes, yes. but memba fi mek a life fi yuself too



uptown tun up and buck inna da video yah! a wah. di camera tun inna pumpkin if it pass clock?


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