why unnu have prince harry a palais royale di ghetto girl dem fi free and why unnu vex say usain kidd di girl?

can please tell me why me de yah a mind me business and a hear bout prince ‘orry a get all expense paid trip fi go palais?

me nuh certain

and me de yah a brave cowl?

it nuh seem right

and why unnu come een like him waan stone usain tru him kiss di ooman

nuh fi him mout?



4 Replies to “why unnu have prince harry a palais royale di ghetto girl dem fi free and why unnu vex say usain kidd di girl?”

  1. lawd a mercy me write this already enuh! and haffi rewrite it hope its not posted twice.

    Anywhoo, I was asking my self the same questions… The government announced that Harry’s trip cost them three million dollars. Just as i was listening to your post at the people dem work and reading the newspaper ( a mus my place to rahtid) Prince Harry’s menu came into my line of sight.

    I thought they would mek the bwoy nyam some rice and peas, ackee and saltfish, some callaloo, or some oxtail and butter bean and some curry goat, give him some blue drawz with some johncrow batty rum and ting. all gi him a magnum NO! Here is his dinner menu:

    Pumpin Bisque sprinkled with honey poached cranberries
    Tomato filled with goat cheese and naseberry mousse on baby lettucce laced with balsamic syrup paired with Louis Latour Chablis 2010 France

    Grilled angus beed with jamaican foie gras mousse, truffley yam crquette, petit carrots and asparagus paired with Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico 2008 Italy

    Lemon and Grapefruit sorbet

    Coconut passion cream with strawberries with chocolate slim line stick

    Now tell me!!!!! dat mek nuh sense? mek me go do the people dem werk before dem ketch me

  2. Yu nuh kno seh Jamaican people always treat farrin people better dan them owna people, especially if dem high colour. Just look at Usain. Weh u seh tru … u like who u like, but I slightly disagree wid yu bout a oman like her being more accessible in his circles. First of all, de bredrin live a Jamaica, a black country with 99% black oman. A nuh like seh im go a farrin go meet har. An u caan mean fi tell mi seh nuh nice high society black oman deh a Jamaica. Wha mek me sad is dat black men are perhaps de only group a man who abandan dem oman in mass numbers when dem start mek a likkle change. U see white man a run go deh wid black oman (or any other oman?) when dem start mek dem money? U see Asian man a run go deh wid black oman? Nat even di hispanic man dem run left oman fi deh wid black oman. It’s a black man’s phenomenon, and perhaps an inherent manifestation of latent self hatred which is what I think most people react negatively to, not really so much whether di oman white or nat. Anyweh a jus fi wi lot inna life dat. I’m a little disappointed, but mi did kno seh it was gway happen soon or later. It always does.

  3. Please come off my corn with this Usain madness. Like Shelly say: he lives in Jamaica and even at the stushest of stush party there are plenty of black girls. So yes, him can date who him want, and white girls need love too, but let’s not pretend that its just coincidence that him end up with this girl. I’m sure she’s a nice girl and that they have loads of fun together, but it’s hard to shake the feeling one gets on sight of the rich black man upgrading to the nice, nice browning. Although I suppose, without the white girl on your arm, how would people know for certain that you have truly arrived.

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